The Great British Festival 2014

Last week there was an event in Bonifacio High Street called “The Great British Festival”. It lasted for three days (March 7-9) and was aimed to celebrate British culture. Numerous exhibits, activities, and performances were held throughout the three-day event and I was lucky enough to be able to participate in some of them. Here is the event’s flier:

Strolling around the festival area was really fun. You’ll get to experience a little bit of Europe with every step.
There was even this exhibit called “Europe in Miniature” which featured smaller replicas of the famous Stonehenge and The Big Ben.
Of course European cars wouldn’t want to be out of the spotlight.
Especially not this Jaguar with the British flag.
Speaking of the British flag, have I mentioned that it was all over the place? Well, I’m not surprised though because the event is for the celebration of the British culture. One of the activities was an outdoor cinema featuring British films. I didn’t really quite like this one though because the sun was too bright (not to mention blazing hot) during the scheduled showing of the film so I didn’t get to watch the movie properly.
The same thing happened with the Street Theatre which I had high expectations of. I love theatrical performances and I was thinking that this one would be a great one considering that it was going to be staged on the street. Moreover, their costumes looked very-well made. I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I always have this notion of associating the performer/s’ costumes with what to expect out of the whole performance. In all honesty though, the performance disappointed me because first of all, I didn’t understand the story or plot at all. Secondly, the street, if you call the roofed walkway a street, was not a conducive area for the performance. I couldn’t hear what the performers were saying because of some environmental factors and the lack of a microphone.
On the bright side, they were undoubtedly good actors/actresses, they were really kind and the part of the performance where they bickered and teased each other made me laugh. That being said, it’s still another thing off my first’s list and I’m glad to have experienced it.
Saving what I think was the best experience for last; I want to let everybody know that I met James Younghusband. The Younghusbands had football drills open to everybody in the morning during the festival. I wanted to join badly but most of the ones who joined were kids, and they were already finishing up when I got there so I just stayed and watched. Phil was already out of sight that time but it won’t stop me from having my picture taken with James!
Some souvenirs I got from the event
All in all I enjoyed my first British Festival and I think you’ll be seeing me again in the next one if there will be any. Kudos to the organizers! They really did a good job!

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