I'm Back!!

Hi Guys!!! I'm so so so SORRY for being MIA since the holidays.. I went to Taiwan during the holidays. We've got a new pup(Chihuahua) when we returned here and she needed a lot of taking care of. When school started on the 3rd, everything just piled up! (Play practices, school works, tests, deadlines, taking care of Muffin ...) I've been very busy that I could hardly use the PC to check my mails.. :(

Well, Anyways.. I made a lot of reviews while I was away and I'm just finding time to upload them into a post. :) Expect a lot of Haul pics because I went shop crazy in Taiwan!! Hehehhe :) I'll also try uploading some shots we took in Taiwan and some shots of my new pup. :D

For now, here's my haul before Christmas (that I'm only sharing with you now.. *embarrassed*) >.<

A closer look for the skincare products:

(L-R) Purederm Collagen Eye Zone Mask, Purederm Brightening Essence Mask, 2 Botanical Anti-Stress Heating Mask in Apricot, 2 Montagne Jeunesse Fudge Sundae in Hot Vanilla)

(L-R) Veet Hair Removal Cream, Lip Ice lip balm in Grape Blackcurrant, Botanical Clinic Nose Pore Strip and a Rilakkuma umbrella :)

This is just a part of my haul posts...there are a lot more to come!! hehheh.. :D
Hope you like the post!

Much love,
enchi :3

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Shin Eun Ae said...

miss u sis,
i'll wait 4 ur haul and ur new pup
god blezz

Melody said...

Yayyy! I love reading haul posts <3 hehe. I can't wait to see more.

And hope everything is going well on your end of the world!! :D Would like to see pics of the puppy tooo! xo

Krystalline Chan said...

Jenn!!:) walang interested sa pinost ko dpt pla kgya mga ni post mo:) hahaa

enchi said...

Krys: Yeap.. hahah its okay..ur new @ blogging anyway.. haha :) Just try improving your next posts.. :P

wifluvelle said...

wah taiwan! yay nice goodies!

xoxo elle

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