Mineral Makeup: A Health Hazard

I was looking through blog updates and I found this on The Purple Snowflakes' Blog.

"Loose Powders and Mineral Makeup is something every one have. Often we think that the finer the powder the better, but it DOES pose a health problem for the users."

The Purple Snowflake is a Chemical Engineering Graduate and also a make-up junkie.

I was so shocked about her findings. Now I'm super thankful that I'm not a mineral-make-up user.

I've always wanted to try mineral make-up because a lot of beauty gurus, not only from blogs but also from Youtube, have claimed that Mineral make-up did them wonders. I read reviews like "They've changed my life!" and "Mineral Make-up improved my skin's condition." so I was pondering on trying out mineral make-up myself now that its the new fad.

The Purple Snowflakes' Blog entry changed my decision in an instant. Not only would I not want to use mineral make-up anymore, I would also not want to be near any mineral make-up.

"I know this because in lab I work with silica particles for column choromotography. and they make us wear masks because of the dangers of breathing in fine particles. This eventually cause a disease called silicoses which has NO CURE..."

Just reading about this made me have goose bumps.... X_x
"Titanium dioxide is often used in sunscreen SPFs in the cosmetic products, but when breathed in it pose a health hazzard for the lungs and labs have tested to have carcinogenic (cancer causing)effect."

To read more about this check out The Purple Snowflakes' Blog entry:

So Mineral Make-up users out there.. beware!! Please pass this message to alert more people....

Take Care..

Much love,
enchi :3


Melody said...

Woah, I only have one or two Mineral products but I don't use them often. And this is quite scary *-* I better go check out the article ! x

Tam said...

I dont use make up but thanks for this info incase one day i decide to buy mineral make up! Pretty scary that it has that affect on the body.

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